The innovative student engagement platform revolutionizing student growth with extracurricular tracking and soft skills development.

Supporting over 4,000+ students

We have an expanding community of thousands of students growing their skills and ensuring their future success. 

Empowering Educators

We equip our community faculty with tools to better engage with their students.

Global Reach

Breeze spans across continents, making an impact in educational institutions worldwide.

Transforming Education Across Institutions

Breeze is on a path to revolutionize the education landscape, with successful implementation in educational intuitions.

Breeze Highlights

“At Breeze, we take pride in transforming education and fostering holistic growth. Our innovative student engagement platform empowers students, enhances extracurriculars, and helps learners develop essential soft skills. Discover the go-to app for comprehensive and inspired student engagement.”

"A pathway to holistic growth and success"

Why Choose Breeze?

Progress Tracking

Students can easily track the progress of their soft skills over time. Our app provides a visual representation of their progress, empowering them to set goals and monitor their achievements.

Data Security & Privacy

We prioritize user data security and privacy with robust measures and strict protocols, ensuring that sensitive information stays confidential and protected.

Attendance Management

Effectively track attendance with Breeze, allowing students to easily mark their presence at events and activities, while enabling club moderators to efficiently record and manage student participation across multiple events.

Measurable Goals

Set measurable goals aligned with core values and track collective learner progress in developing essential soft skills. Breeze provides insights and analytics to assess initiative impact, driving continuous improvement in fostering students' skills.

We Have the Best Features

Soft Skills Tracking


Our team combined intuitive design and seamless functionality to offer an unparalleled user experience. 

Our team combined intuitive design and seamless functionality to offer an unparalleled user experience. 

Soft-Skill Mapping : Breeze maps various school activities and events to a list of selected high-level soft skills, allowing students to identify the skills they are putting into practice and aligning that learning with their interests and goals.  

Event Organization: Streamline event scheduling, RSVP’s, and logistics for all school activities, to foster a vibrant and engaging school culture.  

Our Team

Meet the passionate team behind Breeze, dedicated to transforming education by empowering students through holistic growth and fostering essential soft skills.

Marco Niño

CEO of Breeze

Dominic Baula

CEO and Managing Director

How it all Started

Our Student and Teacher Review

“The groundbreaking student engagement platform that measures and empowers students' activities and fosters their soft skill development for unparalleled success”

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