The all-in-one app to track school activities and soft skills at school.

About Breeze

School isn’t just meant for learning, it can also be a place to help students figure out who they are. By creating a simplified, more convenient way for students and administrators to keep track of events, you’re opening up students to different possibilities and activities as they keep track of their soft skills development.


Easy Campus Management

Conflict Resolution

Helps admin, teachers, and students plan events by indicating which rooms are in use

Measuring Student Interest

Keep track of each student's soft skill development

Activity Log

Events are logged and stored for easier review

Student Org Management

Students and teachers can easily join and leave club

Events Management

Easy and safe communication between students and teachers

School-wide Communication

Easily and safely communicate between students and teachers


Everyday Convenience For Student

Soft-skill Tracking

Enables students to track their soft skills to view themselves holistically, not just based on their academics

Activity Calendar

View all upcoming activities in one place

Attendance Recording

Utilize the built-in GPS to verify student attendance

Customized Feed

Curated feed for each student based on their interests

Event Registration

Easy event creation for teachers by showing where and when events are

Reminder and Notifications​

Never miss an upcoming event with in-app notifications and reminders

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